Guru Experience mobile app showing the home screen with various features. At the top, the logo of Guru Experience is displayed. The main section titled 'Exhibitions' highlights 'Portraits in Time' located in Gallery 12 on the 2nd floor with a 'Go Here' button, accompanied by an image of visitors observing portraits. Below, the 'Events' section lists upcoming events including 'The Walls Within' and 'Art AI'. At the bottom, icons for additional features like AR experiences are visible. The interface is user-friendly and designed for easy navigation through the museum's offerings.

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A blue icon of a light bulb with radiating lines, symbolizing ideas and creativity. This icon represents innovative thinking and inspiration.
A blue icon featuring two speech bubbles, one with a question mark and the other with a check mark, representing question and answer. This icon is used for FAQs and support.
Fully-serviced apps or DIY. You decide what you need, and we're here to help as much, or as little, as you'd like.
A blue icon of a classical museum building with columns, symbolizing cultural heritage and education. This icon represents museums and historical institutions.
We know museums. You have specific needs and challenges, and we've been a trusted museum partner for close to a decade.
A blue icon of over-ear headphones, representing audio and listening experiences. This icon is used for audio guides and sound-related features.
Create engaging audio with our DIY options, or let us handle it with our full-service creative production solutions.
A blue icon of a floppy disk, representing saving and data storage. This icon is used to indicate the saving of files and information.
Change your app in a moment's notice with our cloud-based CMS.
A blue icon of an abstract 3D cube, representing unity and collaboration. This icon symbolizes augmented reality creation
Bring a new dimension to museum objects with augmented reality experiences.
A blue icon of a location pin with a circular cutout in the center, representing navigation and geolocation. This icon is used for wayfinding and location-based services.
Make visitors' lives a little bit easier with indoor navigation and onsite wayfinding.
A blue icon of a single human figure, representing an individual. This icon is used for user profiles and personal identification.
Personalize content with AI to make every visit feel unique.
A blue icon of a trophy, symbolizing achievement and success. This icon represents awards and accomplishments with-in Guru Experience app games.
Gamify your collection with interactive puzzles to engage visitors of all ages.
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Guru Experience mobile app displaying the museum map feature. The map is detailed, showing various galleries and exhibits marked clearly with icons and labels. Pathways are outlined to guide visitors through the museum efficiently. Key facilities such as restrooms, cafes, and gift shops are also highlighted. Interactive elements on the map allow users to tap on areas for more information or to find directions. The design is clean and user-friendly, aimed at enhancing the visitor's navigation and overall museum experience.


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Our innovative, location-aware technology not only leads the industry but also features intuitive design, seamlessly integrates with your unique brand, and offers unparalleled ease of use. Discover how you can revolutionize visitor engagement and create unforgettable experiences.
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A blue icon of tickets represents event admission and digital tickets. This icon is used for ticketing systems and event management in museum apps.
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A 3D icon depicting a classical museum building in a blue gradient, representing cultural heritage and educational institutions. The modern design emphasizes digital transformation in museums.Mail Icon
A modern 3D icon with layered geometric shapes in blue and silver, symbolizing artwork and creativity. The gradient effect highlights the dynamic and innovative design for digital solutions.A 3D icon featuring a smartphone with headphones, representing audio tours. The glossy blue gradient and metallic surfaces emphasize the integration of technology in museum audio guide systems.
A 3D icon featuring a smartphone with headphones, representing audio tours. The glossy blue gradient and metallic surfaces emphasize the integration of technology in museum audio guide systems.User Icon
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