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Our Mission

As a proud women and employee-owned company, we aim to foster curiosity, inspire visitors, and supply museums with innovative tools to design dynamic digital visitor experiences.

A museum visitor uses a mobile app to learn about a painting, highlighting Guru Experience's museum tour app and interactive museum experiences. The app, part of a museum mobile guide, provides detailed information about the artwork, promoting museum digital engagement and personalized museum experiences with bilingual museum guides and museum virtual tour apps.
9 Years
Of dedicated expertise in customer service, technology, and creative production.
A museum visitor uses an interactive virtual reality experience at a museum exhibit, showcasing Guru Experience's augmented reality museum apps and museum digital tools. The visitor, wearing a VR headset, engages with a virtual museum guide through a customized app development for museums, enhancing museum visitor engagement and providing interactive visitor experiences.
Innovative Technology Solutions. Transforming Visitor Experiences.
A museum staff member proudly displays a tablet featuring a museum guide app from Guru Experience, promoting engaging museum app designs and personalized museum experiences. This custom app development for museums integrates audio guide systems for museums, providing a virtual museum guide and enhancing museum visitor strategies with interactive museum experiences.
Dedicated Partnership: Committed to supporting museums every step of the way
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Museum professionals. Technology experts. The perfect pairing of museum knowledge and technological innovation for your institution's digital transformation.

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Illustrated portrait of Suzie Dergham, the CEO and Owner of Guru Experience, focused on museum app interface design and museum digital engagement. Suzie works on developing the best museum tour apps and interactive guides for museums.
Suzie Dergham
Chief Executive Officer
Illustrated portrait of Eric Rice, CTO at Guru Experience, helping to create museum engagement strategies and audience development. Eric excels in museum app development services and interactive museum experiences.
Eric Rice
Chief Technological Officer
Illustrated portrait of Dana, a key developer at Guru Experience, focusing on museum digital tools and virtual museum guides. Dana is skilled in museum content development, creating interactive visitor experiences, and integrating audio guide systems for museums.
Dana Duran
SVP Creative Content & Customer Success
Illustrated portrait of Kealy, a technology expert at Guru Experience, dedicated to developing museum mobile guides and museum inventory software. Kealy's role involves optimizing museum digital communications and enhancing museum tour app features.
Kealy Gordon
Account Manager
Illustrated portrait of Bridget, a team member at Guru Experience, specializing in custom app development for museums. Bridget's expertise includes designing engaging museum app interfaces, enhancing museum visitor interaction, and developing scalable museum app platforms.
Bridget Reilly O'Carroll
Platform Manager
Illustrated portrait of David Autovino, a sound designer who works with Guru Experience, known for developing museum AR apps and educational museum apps. David's work involves enhancing museum digital engagement and crafting personalized museum experiences
David Autovino
Sound Engineer
Illustrated portrait of Hilary Srole, a board member at Guru Experience, specializing in museum storytelling apps and bilingual museum guides. Hilary's role helps Guru focus on creating museum educational guides and enhancing museum visitor engagement through compelling narratives.
Hilary Srole
Board Member
Illustrated portrait of Nik Honeysett, a board member at Guru Experience, leading innovation in museum engagement platforms and mobile solutions for museums. Nik is committed to advancing museum app programming and digital collection software."
Nik Honeysett
Board Member


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A 3D icon featuring a smartphone with headphones, representing audio tours. The glossy blue gradient and metallic surfaces emphasize the integration of technology in museum audio guide systems.User Icon
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